The Taylor Cubs

The Taylor Cubs is an action-adventure animated television series about a band of characters who use their wits and powers to battle the forces of evil and defend both the real world and the land of Aurora. Although the characters are animated, what is unique is that the series takes place in the backdrop of a real-life environment.

Set in a world parallel to our own, there are similarities and differences to life as most Earthlings know it. Homo Sapiens share the world with the Lemurain race, a group of humans whose ancestors evolved on an island off the coast of South America similar to the lemurs of Madagascar.

Unlike other humans the world over, Lemurians have kept their tails over the millennia which give them an arboreal edge over Homo sapiens, along with special abilities and advanced healing capabilities.

Another difference in Aurora is the New Pangean Archipelago, a network of islands inhabited by dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and marine reptiles; the largest creatures ever to walk the earth, swim the oceans and fly in the sky. The Taylor Cubs explores the adventures of Lemurian family; Daniel Taylor (“Danny”), Maxwell Taylor (“Max”) and Terrance Taylor (“Terry”). Each has his own dreams, ambitions, and special talents that differ from “normal” humans. The Taylor Cubs takes its viewers through many interesting adventures. Whether it’s going on a photo safari through one of New Pangea’s many island chains, mountain climbing in the Himalayas, or performing at David Geffen Hall in New York, viewers will experience as many trials and tribulations as the characters themselves, learning about the different places and animals from around the globe that make life adventurous.

With a combination action, comedy, and drama, the audience will never get bored and keep coming back for more.