About Dennis

D.J.T. Productions, LLC was founded in 2016, the creation of Dennis James Taylor, as a vehicle to express his creative talent. The 30-year-old entrepreneur is a graphic designer by day and a writer and illustrator off hours. 
He professes two passions: animals and anime. His interest in animals started when he was two years old, after he was given a small toy tiger that he carried everywhere. Following its loss, his parents tried replacing it with various other tigers and assorted zoo animals. 
He began frequenting zoos regularly after four, where he became impassioned with his favorite animal, the coati.
By the age of five, he could name over 300 mammals, would tell their continents of origin, and share whether they were omnivores, carnivores or herbivores.
 He prided himself on being an “unofficial” zoo guide, informing children and adults of facts about the animals not posted on the exhibits.
 An elementary school classmate nicknamed him “Crikey,” their school’s mini Steve Irwin.
Taylor has visited over 60 zoos and aquariums to date. "A trip of a lifetime was my safari vacation in Kenya and Tanzania with my grandma and mother." 
Favorite zoos include: The Philadelphia Zoo, Space Farm Zoo and Museum, Columbus Zoo, Toronto Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Taylor is a consultant for the PBS Children's series, "Hero Elementary". He is also a contributor to Autism Support/Awareness programs including Spectrum Works, Aspen (Autism Spectrum Education Network) and Autism Speaks.  He lives in Bergen County, New Jersey
“Watching The Land Before Time series videos piqued my interest in paleontology.” Since the age of 10 he has done extensive research on these prehistoric creatures, putting his membership pass to The Museum of Natural History to good use.  He has learned much that he wanted to share with children and teens (most had feathers), while dispelling some of the myths often portrayed, (“They weren’t all scaly, nor were they mindless killing machines.”)