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The Taylor Cubs is a developing action- adventure animated television series about a band of friends who use their wits and powers to battle the forces of evil and defend both the mainland and the Lemurain Archipelago. Although the characters are animated, what is unique is that the series takes place in the backdrop of a real-life environment.


DANNY is the unintentional leader of the group. Born at his grandparents’ wolf preserve, he has developed a passion and love for the wild relative of the domestic dog. His grandfather gave him a special wolf medallion that enables him to control the force of speed and wind of the planet. His life is dedicated to defending the innocent and protecting those who cannot protect themselves.


MAX, also known as “The Small One”, is the youngest in the pack. He can use pyrokinesis, the ability to control fire with his mind yet not get burnt. Possessing a natural musical ear, he dreams of owning an orchestra and performing for different social causes.


TERRY is Max’s older brother, eldest member of the group, who tries to keep Max out of trouble. He possesses super-human strength, and the power of terrakinesis, which allows him to control earth and stone. His real interest is in culinary arts. 


MICHAEL RAPHAEL CHANCE is a shy, intelligent mixed-race member of Danny’s circle. Like Danny, he has a love and passion for all sciences especially Biology and Paleontology. He aspires become a museum curator.


ELIZABETH TANNIN is Danny’s oldest friend. The share a love of animals and has even been accepted into Danny’s wolf pack. She dreams of becoming an investigative journalist.


PILOT: The Taylor Cubs, Danny and his cousins Max and Terry, along with friends Lizzie and Mikey, go on a trip to the Museum of Natural History. While looking at the Lemurian exhibition, they’re attacked by a rogue Lemurian, Nestor, looking to steal ancient artifacts as revenge for his time in the Lemurian Slavelands. However, with the help of their new friends, Freyja and her father, Barbados, they manage to take him down, saving the precious relics.
Freyja takes the Cubs to the island country of Lemuria where they learn an incredible fact about Freyja and Barbados. Barbabo’s father is King Justin Bronze, making Barbados heir to the throne, and Freyja, being the elder of his two daughters, future queen. The island is experiencing a civil war with Barbados fighting for the future of his country.
After the trip to Lemurai, Danny becomes obsessed with the idea of flying. While looking around in the attic, he comes across an old photo of his grandparents standing in front of his grandfather’s old war plane, the Osprey. This gives him the idea of building his own plane. The combination of materials lead to the creation of an interesting flying machine, the Goshawk.
Danny and his cousins decide to learn more about their special abilities. Each has certain attributes that differ from their friends and family. Seeking answers, they decide to board the Goshawk, flying to visit Barbados on Lemuria island.
Back in the states, the Cubs encounter another new threat. Lobo, an incredibly strong and psychotic Lemurian bounty hunter, has been sent by Lady Gauge, a collector of rare and exotic species, to catch Danny and the others for their unique qualities. Their capture includes an interesting plot twist.