“Bandit’s Legacy,” is the story of a young dromaeosaur (raptor) dinosaur, Bandit, and his adventures in surviving the world of Early Cretaceous Montana. 
It begins with his exploration of unfamiliar territory following the demise of his birth family. Searching for food, he comes across several other species. Eventually, his presence catches the attention of another pack of dromaeosaurs including a young female, Jewel. 
 In time, he gains acceptance by her pack and becomes a worthy member. Bandit’s Legacy takes the reader on their encounters with other dinosaurs of the period including Tenontosaurus, Microvenator, and Sauroposeidon. For the dino-obsessed no better way to travel back in time from the safety of your reading chair.

Excerpts from Bandit’s Legacy

Over 127 million years ago, in Early Cretaceous Montana, Bandit, a two-year-old male deinonychus, is on a journey of survival.
 A few days ago, his parents were killed by some other deinonychuses. Now he is on his own, a new experience for him. 
He was accustomed to hunting with his siblings before losing them to rivals, acting as the driving force while his mom and dad added the power. Lately, he has learned to snag small reptiles and mammals, but if he is going to survive in a world of giants, he will have to find a more filling meal.
After a whole day without any food, Bandit will now settle for anything he can get. A small lizard crosses his path and his instincts immediately take over, He attempts to grab it, 
but loses it in the bush. He hears crowing in the distance. As he follows the noise to its source, he comes across a flock of Microvenators (Mi-Cro-Ven-A-Tores). Instead of teeth, these omnivores have wickedly sharp beaks and equally formidable claws. 
The call Bandit heard was an old drake doing his best to court a hen.
Following the chase of a fleeing microvenator, he unwittingly finds himself at the foot of a sauroposeidon (SAWR-o-puh-SIGH-dun) nesting ground guarded by just two females. Even as part of a group, no deinonychus is a match for these sixty- six-ton mountains of flesh and bone. Their eggs, though, are about the size of soccer balls and are a good source of nutrition—and there seems to be no end of them! It takes little effort for Bandit to sneak in, snag an egg, and disappear. The shell is hard, so Bandit bangs it against a rock to get at its contents.


"Some of our satisfied readers"

“As an elementary school educator, I believe The Bandit Legacy is a captivating fiction story that will capture the imagination of elementary aged students and those beyond. For the children who love learning about dinosaurs, this story will open up a new world and enrapture their minds of the past, present, and future. This book creates a desirable and enriched environment for children to grow and enhance their creativity and imagination.” Claudette P.

“Dennis, I really enjoyed reading, ‘Bandit's Legacy.’ It's relatable to my life situations with putting family first now! I can agree with Bandit's decisions, motives, and actions, throughout. This story is such an eye opener to know that dinosaurs are more than just creatures or predators, but they have feelings, and they know how to be fruitful and multiple like us humans. Thanks, Man.” Stephen M.
“I have been a Pre - Kindergarten teacher for 12 years. My students love books about dinosaurs. Bandit’s Legacy is a story about relationships, love, and the desire to protect and preserve these precious dinosaurs.” Audrey F. W.
“Bandit’s Legacy’ is a very informative book about dinosaurs that my children have enjoyed. It should be in all schools.” Carlos C.
“My Granddaughter and I love our dino shirts and she loves the pictures in ‘Bandit’s Legacy!’ Great items! Since it seems COVID-19 will keep us inside for a while, why not use the time to read with your family?” Brenda C.
“’BANDIT’S LEGACY’ IS A BOOK THAT THE WHOLE FAMILY WILL ENJOY! We read it with 3 generations, and our dog, too!”Pheobia H.
“My favorite part of the book  Bandit’s Legacy happened on page 7. Bandit confronts Jewel and Jewel can’t contain her curiosity. “It was like love at first sight!” Alexandra F.
“’Bandit’s Legacy’ is an endearing story of a 2-year-old Deinonychus, Bandit. It’s heartwarming, tender and tough. Perfect for young teens.” Lisa S.


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